Saturday Mornings in Ngunguru

Saturday mornings in Ngunguru mean...

Boats waiting to be rowed

Seabirds eating breakfast

Picnics waiting to be had

Oh, btw, this is Weza's old house

Ducks waiting to be fed

I ran: 10km (by accident, was only meant to be 8)

I felt: tired but triumphant at the end, and lonely - missed having someone to run with today.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!
3 Responses
  1. Gail Says:

    Great running friend!! I was meant to go for a long one this morning, but really needed the sleep! Tomorrow... hard during the week, but I'll get up extra early!

    Love all that you see!

  2. Weza Says:

    I was going to say that you can stop bragging about where you live... and then you distracted me with a pic of our old house. Thats my twinnies first home. How I love it and miss it. I wanna come home now!!!

  3. Aww, your photos make me homesick. I am a born and bred Whangarei girl... I often used to go out Ngunguru way with friends! Especially love Matapouri Bay! Got engaged on that beach and have a water colour painting of it on my wall.