A Bit of Icing on the Quake

It started last night. Yes, I was like a kid at Christmas.

I have just had the best day EVER!!! Waking up to a winter wonderland doesn't happen often in these here parts. It has made the ugliness of our quake affected city seem so beautiful again.

Today I have caught snowflakes on my tongue, had snowball fights, walked in snow to just below my knees, and made a snowman. Then Kev and I cuddled in a blanket by the heater and thawed out our toes while drinking hot chocolate made with real chocolate. Ahhh how romantic. I love how some of the best times we have together are the ones where we don't even try. So nice to know we still have those moments too when everything else can be so stressy you forget about each other.

Happy winter everyone in the southern hemisphere!

Chocoholic or just plain normal???

I belong to a survey company. They send me surveys, I complete the surveys and get paid. I make about $20 every 3 months which they send me in vouchers of my choice. Not a lot of money but a nice wee bonus every so often. And it usually is "cash in" time right when I need a new mascara or perfume. If you are interested, Google Valued Opinions.

Anyway, the last survey I filled out was about chocolate. I was presented with a HUGE range of chocolate brands, I was asked to tick which ones I had ever eaten. I am so embarrassed to say that I ticked them ALL. I certainly know my chocolate well. Is that normal? How many brands do you know/have eaten?

There were other questions about how often I eat certain brands...and all of a sudden, my gradual weight gain started making sense. You know how sometimes you don't see something and then BAM!, it's staring you in the face and you think, 'I can't believe I didn't see it before'? I was really honest in the survey and realised I eat a chocolate bar on average once a week. Is that normal? It seems like it would be when I say it but when I wrote it down it seemed excessive. Don't forget this is on top of other 'treats' throughout the week.

C'mon girls, am I normal? What's your average? And do you think it's okay?

Tasty Tuesday

Kev and I are attempting a more healthy lifestyle. It really helps to present food beautifully I find.
He keeps using the line from The Castle: "Why would you go anywhere else when you can get this night after night?"
Haha. Happy eating!

Pumpkin Soup with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce, sour cream and fresh coriander.

Scrumptious Sunday

Smart Chilli Mince with salad and a dollop of plain yoghurt.

So filling and light on the budget and the waist line!

What's on your menu tonight?