Aspergers and my DH

I've been AWOL for quite. some. time. Luckily I don't get the guilts for being bloggy AWOL. I've been grieving and in that grieving, learning. A lot. The last 6 months have truly been the hardest of my life. But I seem to be bouncing back. I have a new focus for this space, borne out of a need I see out there in the bloggy community (from what I have seen).

Recently my DH (darling husband) has been diagnosed with Aspergers. A shock and a relief for us both. Devastating and challenging, yet liberating and educating. At times it has brought us closer together and at other times, never further apart. Since the diagnosis, we have done a lot of research and we have come across many, many sites, blogs and forums that are so so negative. Most forums are support groups for women married to men with AS and all they do is complain. I understand the need to off load, but support to me should be positive and pro-active. Maybe that's just me.

So, with the permission of my DH, I am seeking to provide a place for people to come and learn about partnering with an Aspie, to be a place to provide pro-active support, and have an outlet for my own creative drive. I wanna put a positive spin on this whole AS thang!

And just to kick things off, there will be a prize draw for a Tania L. original artwork (I will post a pic shortly as it is currently being worked on!) To be in the draw, I would love for you to ask any questions you might have, both personal and general about AS or being married to someone with AS. At the end of next week (Friday 15 Feb) I will make the draw.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!