Lessons Through Grace #2 - Cry

Well...ask any of my friends and they would say I'm not really much of a crier. I sit dry eyed through the saddest of movies, someone dies and my immediate reaction is action, I'm sad and ...I eat!

And it would be okay if I wasn't much of a crier. But the truth is, I don't like feeling grief. I hate it and will run away from it rather than let myself feel it. Christina has shown me that time is too precious to run.

Lately I have been thinking that by not crying when I really want to or need to, I am not being honest with myself or anyone else about how I'm feeling. Do I really want to go through life without my friends and family knowing my heart?

So, for me, this isn't about just crying, but about making sure that every day I show my heart, every day, I live life passionately - both the good and the bad. Laugh out loud, cry when things touch me, allow grief to come and go, and, tell people I love what they mean to me on a regular basis.

I'll leave with an oldie but goodie and if you're a friend of mine, look forward to some sap in the near future! Love you bloggers!!!!