Saturday Mornings in Ngunguru

Saturday mornings in Ngunguru mean...

Boats waiting to be rowed

Seabirds eating breakfast

Picnics waiting to be had

Oh, btw, this is Weza's old house

Ducks waiting to be fed

I ran: 10km (by accident, was only meant to be 8)

I felt: tired but triumphant at the end, and lonely - missed having someone to run with today.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

It Just Takes One...

Fill in the blank and finish the sentence.

It just takes one______________to...

Short Run 1; Week 2

This week so far:

My class has doubled in size. Someone said to me today that I would probably be having the same feelings that any Mum has when they have another baby. That feeling of being totally committed to the other children but having to share her time with someone else; having to get to know that new little someone and have them get to know her; all the while giving the others what they are used to and need. Well I have 10 children whom I have a great relationship with and 11 new babies that I need to fit in. It's an adjustment but at least my body isn't going through all those glamorous things they go through after giving birth!

I have started the final part of study for my Master of Education.

My business is booming, which is a good thing but the timing sucks.

So life feels kinda like this:

and at the end of the day I kinda look like this:

I really feel like running away. So I'm feeling doubly blessed that I have committed to this training for the half marathon. It has given me a space to free my mind, release my spirit and focus my thoughts. At the moment, it is my lifeline.

I ran: 4km

I saw:
  • A cow on the loose,
  • My husband driving home (I stopped him to say, "Please don't eat that apple crumble in the fridge - it's all mine!", in my most loving wife voice),
  • Two pukeko fighting,
  • That caramel cow again - I think she's feeling out of place so I said some affirming things to her about her colouring.
I felt: Fit and healthy (and justified enough to eat the crumble)

Have a great Wednesday bloggers.

Running Diaries Week 2

This weekend I needed to run a long, slow 7km. Sorry bloggers but no running photos this week as I needed to just run, free my mind and quieten my spirit. I didn't even take music!

I ran: 7.5km

I saw:
  • The mist rising off the water.
  • A beautiful sunrise.
  • Several people walking. Everyone always says "Hello". I wonder if they'll let me take their picture?
  • My own breath.
I felt: Invincible because I ran the whole way!

This is why I run.

If you are like me and aren't lucky enough to have a proper coffee machine with the milk frother thingy etc, never fear! It is still possible to have a delicious hot chocolate, coffee or mocca at home and you'll save heaps of money too! Here's the way I do it.

3/4 cup milk

Microwave 3 mins

Whizz just below the surface and keep lifting upwards as the froth rises. Tilt the jug a little towards you to get the milk rolling. Now I am a trained barista and I think these whizzer things are just as good as the proper steam ones.

Hot chocolate - my fave at the moment is a mint/choc mix.

Scrape back the froth and pour a little hot milk in first. Mix powder and milk together.

As you pour the rest of the milk, scrape back the froth until 2/3 full.

Stop and swirl the rest of the milk around to mix together again, then pour.

Swizzle chocolate sauce or sprinkle a little more choc powder.

Then drop marshmallows on top. My fave are the white ones but have at least one pink for colour.

Oh and warning, if you are slow to drink your hot chocolate, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put it in the microwave, or this is what will happen!

Have a scrumptious Sunday night.

Fings I'm Loving Friday

Homemade hot chocolate.

These super cool measuring cups - I have a thing for Russian Dolls.

My iron - I know! It's pink!

These awesome kiwi stamps - fun!

Knitting again - it's been a while.

Wedding thank yous that are FINALLY finshed! I know it's 7 months later but hey, they're done!

Our fabulous raised garden made by hubby (caged lid to keep away hungry possums in the night)

Sunset at our place.

Have a fabulous Friday and do something frivolous!

You know it's Winter in Whangarei when...

Mmmmm, noice!!!

Keep warm everyone!

Short Run 1; Week 1

Hello everyone. Right now I'm eating alcoholic toast. I'm not exactly proud of it or loving it, I just think it's quite weird. A friend of ours made some Orange and Whiskey Marmalade and I'm getting to the bottom of the jar, which just so happens is where all the whiskey has settled! Should make for an interesting morning at work! (Yes teachers still work in the holidays).

So, on my morning run there was no seanery sorry people because I only had to run to the end of my street and back. (like my pun?)
I ran: 4km
I saw:
  • Lots of rubbish and it really bothered me. What type of person throws rubbish out from their car when they've finished with it? Obviously there's a lot of them that come up my street! I might go and pick it all up one day so you guys in blogland can see what I mean.
  • One caramel coloured cow in amongst a herd of black and brown cows. I wonder if she felt special and unique or just embarrassed? I hope she feels special.
  • Two concrete mixers and a truck, at which point I was amazed that amid all that noise, I can still hear the ocean from my house. Nature reigns.
  • A confused blossom tree.
I felt: Awake, but a bit deflated because I did walk probably about half of it. I find the second run when i start back up again is always the hardest. Anyone else find this?

Off to work now. I hope that whatever you are doing in your day you get time to stop and take in the extreme blessings in your lives. Have a great day.

Relationship Refresher

This weekend we took a spontaneous trip north to Russell with some good friends to watch the Birdman Festival. (all self-explanatory I believe!)You get the idea! Btw, Flash Gordon won.
We wandered around, drinking hot chocolates, sampling yummy fudge, looking at narly trees and feeling like holiday makers .
Isn't it amazing how a bit of spontaneity and some good company can do wonders for your relationship - like a breath of fresh air!