Fings I'm Loving Friday

Homemade hot chocolate.

These super cool measuring cups - I have a thing for Russian Dolls.

My iron - I know! It's pink!

These awesome kiwi stamps - fun!

Knitting again - it's been a while.

Wedding thank yous that are FINALLY finshed! I know it's 7 months later but hey, they're done!

Our fabulous raised garden made by hubby (caged lid to keep away hungry possums in the night)

Sunset at our place.

Have a fabulous Friday and do something frivolous!
4 Responses
  1. faerian Says:

    we got a letter!!!!! thankyou lovely - this is a lovely way to start friday!

  2. Gail Says:

    Where to start, where to start!!!!??? Who is making those hot chocolates??? Do you have a live-in barrista? The russian doll measuring cups, I must have. Where did you get them? The view, vegie garden......crikey chick, no ordinary life alright!! Love it all!!

  3. banban Says:

    Nice things to be lovin'. I now want a hot chocolate! I too love my pink iron. And those measuring cups are very cute.

  4. Rachel Kate Says:

    love your garden and those measuring dolls are the coolest! ha at least you've sent your thank yous :) ours are still half done and waiting for spare time. not sure if it's even worth sending them now. sigh.