Short Run 1; Week 2

This week so far:

My class has doubled in size. Someone said to me today that I would probably be having the same feelings that any Mum has when they have another baby. That feeling of being totally committed to the other children but having to share her time with someone else; having to get to know that new little someone and have them get to know her; all the while giving the others what they are used to and need. Well I have 10 children whom I have a great relationship with and 11 new babies that I need to fit in. It's an adjustment but at least my body isn't going through all those glamorous things they go through after giving birth!

I have started the final part of study for my Master of Education.

My business is booming, which is a good thing but the timing sucks.

So life feels kinda like this:

and at the end of the day I kinda look like this:

I really feel like running away. So I'm feeling doubly blessed that I have committed to this training for the half marathon. It has given me a space to free my mind, release my spirit and focus my thoughts. At the moment, it is my lifeline.

I ran: 4km

I saw:
  • A cow on the loose,
  • My husband driving home (I stopped him to say, "Please don't eat that apple crumble in the fridge - it's all mine!", in my most loving wife voice),
  • Two pukeko fighting,
  • That caramel cow again - I think she's feeling out of place so I said some affirming things to her about her colouring.
I felt: Fit and healthy (and justified enough to eat the crumble)

Have a great Wednesday bloggers.
6 Responses
  1. banban Says:

    I love the stopping to tell hubby part..... once pre marriage I was out running and future hubby drove past and stopped so I then stopped to chat and he told me to keep running! So I didn't chat, I kept running. Perhaps he just wanted to check out my butt????

  2. Weza Says:

    Hahaha, great photos! You made me laugh out loud. As for all the pressure... you can handle it, isnt it great how the running has come just at the right time. xxx
    PS Cracking up at you been all territorial about the crumble. Still settling into the sharing side of marriage huh ;)

  3. faerian Says:

    you are such a wonderful teacher - the fact that you can reflect like this is proof...
    honouring the amount of energy you have to put out there and seeing that the faces are totally justified!
    send the caramel cow my love - i have a space for her in my heart!

  4. Rachel Kate Says:

    ha your posts always make me laugh :) keep it up. such a good job you have and so precious!! wish i had the patience for it... xo

  5. Betty May Says:

    hahahaha! love it

  6. Gail Says:

    Hahaha love the photos! You funny girl you! Loving these running updates. Am going for my short run tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it!!