Short Run 1; Week 1

Hello everyone. Right now I'm eating alcoholic toast. I'm not exactly proud of it or loving it, I just think it's quite weird. A friend of ours made some Orange and Whiskey Marmalade and I'm getting to the bottom of the jar, which just so happens is where all the whiskey has settled! Should make for an interesting morning at work! (Yes teachers still work in the holidays).

So, on my morning run there was no seanery sorry people because I only had to run to the end of my street and back. (like my pun?)
I ran: 4km
I saw:
  • Lots of rubbish and it really bothered me. What type of person throws rubbish out from their car when they've finished with it? Obviously there's a lot of them that come up my street! I might go and pick it all up one day so you guys in blogland can see what I mean.
  • One caramel coloured cow in amongst a herd of black and brown cows. I wonder if she felt special and unique or just embarrassed? I hope she feels special.
  • Two concrete mixers and a truck, at which point I was amazed that amid all that noise, I can still hear the ocean from my house. Nature reigns.
  • A confused blossom tree.
I felt: Awake, but a bit deflated because I did walk probably about half of it. I find the second run when i start back up again is always the hardest. Anyone else find this?

Off to work now. I hope that whatever you are doing in your day you get time to stop and take in the extreme blessings in your lives. Have a great day.
7 Responses
  1. PaisleyJade Says:

    So glad you didn't get breathe tested while out running ;)

  2. Gail Says:

    can't wait to see what lesson plan you come up with in your alcohol-toast fuelled mode ;)

  3. faerian Says:

    i do not find that about running,but that is because i do not run!

  4. Weza Says:

    Running is a distant memory, but I do recall it getting harder. As for the way to feel better about working during your holidays.

  5. Rachel Kate Says:

    hehe maybe it will help with planning?? love your blog look by the way :)

  6. banban Says:

    Yeah I found with starting up running again the hurdle was the first 2-3 weeks, because memories of how fit I WAS and how easy is USED to be rattled around in my mind. After then it did get easier and now, 8 weeks later, I can run for ages and feel really good up hill and down. Let me know how long it takes to feel on top of it again......

  7. Tall Pipi Says:

    Thanks Anya. Today I ran 4km without stopping. Engaged in mind talk to get me through and it worked. I remember doing that in the old days. Wasn't easy though. I am looking forward to being run fit again.