Today for me looked something like this;

  • I awoke at a decent hour which was such a relief.  Waking and already starting to think at 5am was becoming a bit of a drag.  Later when I thought about my lovely wake time I wondered: could it in fact be the amount of wine I drank last night and not that my mind and body was calmer?...oh well.
  • Travis Junction Life Centre is the place I have chosen to worship.  It is small, community based and the people are so real and so friendly.  It's not trendy, fashionable or flashy, just really down to earth, comfortable, spirit-filled and I feel like I belong.'s been a long search.
  • After some of my delicious leftover risotto (made for the very first time last night because I have never really liked risotto - flavourless and stodgy - this one was not either of those things and I am so proud of myself!), and a little moe, Kev and I took a drive to the city centre.
  • We walked and familiarised ourselves with a 'new normal' CBD that is totally unrecognisable - so unrecognisable that I got quite disorientated and lost.  I felt a mixture of emotions throughout the afternoon - grief, frustration, disappointment, amazement, confusion, resignation, relief, peace, and hope.  Not always in that order and definitely some were revisited more than others.  Madras Street was opened this weekend, which is where the tragic CTV building was.  We stopped for awhile at the perimeter and...well, nothing, just stopped, stood, looked, and thought about those who lost their lives here and those they left behind.
  • As the sun sets, I am again grateful for an affordable house that we can live in without fear of horrendous rent increases, or owners wanting to move back in.  I am mindful, and grateful that, for this season, Kev and I are able to have days like these because we don't have children yet and can just please ourselves.  I am grateful that Kev and I spent some time together in the sun.  And I am very grateful that I have a God that knows the bigger picture and I can put my fears, worries and questions into His hands, and know that He holds me too.  

How was your Sunday?

Right Now...

Hey Everyone,  it's been a while.  I must admit I have lost my blogging mojo and would love to find it again, so thought I could possibly kick start it with something easy but effective.  

Idea taken from the lovely Anya.

right now i am.....
watching:  the dog trying to find someone to play with.

drinking:  post work-out water

wearing:  oh workout clothes from this morning...a bit stinky!

eating:  feijoas - L.O.V.E.

listening:  to my husband bopping a beat while he studies (I think it helps him focus)

avoiding: cleaning up my messy house...doing my school work that desperately needs 
doing...deciding what to have for lunch...having a shower (all of it means I'd have to move off the couch)

wishing:  I had already had a shower and that the weekends didn't go so fast.

feeling:  overwhelmed, yet trying not to be overwhelmed by replacing it with calm, all the while feeling guilty for not having started, and feeling like I should be more overwhelmed than I am!

missing: good friends who are far away.

thankful:  for living in a house that is affordable.

craving: time to slow down.

wondering: how I will be able to pull off everything I have going on?!

praying:  for my friend Weza's little boy Rico who sounded so sick this morning. 

needing: a housekeeper.

thinking:  about how to promote my business.

dreaming:  about the future.

loving: the now.

The Wrath of The Possum!

Have I ever told you about what an adventure it is making the bed in our house?

Since possum has been with us, making the bed each week is so much fun.

As soon as the sheets are pulled off the bed, wherever Possum is, he comes running...and then it begins...

With the smoothing of the mattress protector, he is there, scoping the perimeter, checking for imposters...

The sheet goes on and Possum lays in wait for the roving hands smoothing down and tucking in the never know what dangers lie ahead in those hands!
 Clawing his way upside down usually fixes the problem and those hands disappear quick smart! 
  Stage 2 complete! Possum emerges and waits on top of the sheet for the duvet installation.

The duvet needs close examination for bed bugs that pose a threat to his or his owners comfort at night.  Pieces of the duvet are sampled to ensure no enemies are present.

 Stage 3 complete!
 Lastly, the top quilt is applied.  Possum inspects for hospital corners and to ensure both sides are even by running from side to side, corner to corner, until he is satisfied there will be no marital disagreements over the placement of the blankets.

 Phew!  Mission complete for another week.