The Wrath of The Possum!

Have I ever told you about what an adventure it is making the bed in our house?

Since possum has been with us, making the bed each week is so much fun.

As soon as the sheets are pulled off the bed, wherever Possum is, he comes running...and then it begins...

With the smoothing of the mattress protector, he is there, scoping the perimeter, checking for imposters...

The sheet goes on and Possum lays in wait for the roving hands smoothing down and tucking in the never know what dangers lie ahead in those hands!
 Clawing his way upside down usually fixes the problem and those hands disappear quick smart! 
  Stage 2 complete! Possum emerges and waits on top of the sheet for the duvet installation.

The duvet needs close examination for bed bugs that pose a threat to his or his owners comfort at night.  Pieces of the duvet are sampled to ensure no enemies are present.

 Stage 3 complete!
 Lastly, the top quilt is applied.  Possum inspects for hospital corners and to ensure both sides are even by running from side to side, corner to corner, until he is satisfied there will be no marital disagreements over the placement of the blankets.

 Phew!  Mission complete for another week.

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  1. Tall Pipi Says:

    Only to make myself feel better I will leave a comment. Possum looks so cute! It is amazing how animals can ingratiate themselves on human beings and create lovely traditions that belong only to them and their owners - that's family!