Right Now...

Hey Everyone,  it's been a while.  I must admit I have lost my blogging mojo and would love to find it again, so thought I could possibly kick start it with something easy but effective.  

Idea taken from the lovely Anya.

right now i am.....
watching:  the dog trying to find someone to play with.

drinking:  post work-out water

wearing:  oh gross....my workout clothes from this morning...a bit stinky!

eating:  feijoas - L.O.V.E.

listening:  to my husband bopping a beat while he studies (I think it helps him focus)

avoiding: cleaning up my messy house...doing my school work that desperately needs 
doing...deciding what to have for lunch...having a shower (all of it means I'd have to move off the couch)

wishing:  I had already had a shower and that the weekends didn't go so fast.

feeling:  overwhelmed, yet trying not to be overwhelmed by replacing it with calm, all the while feeling guilty for not having started, and feeling like I should be more overwhelmed than I am!

missing: good friends who are far away.

thankful:  for living in a house that is affordable.

craving: time to slow down.

wondering: how I will be able to pull off everything I have going on?!

praying:  for my friend Weza's little boy Rico who sounded so sick this morning. 

needing: a housekeeper.

thinking:  about how to promote my business.

dreaming:  about the future.

loving: the now.
2 Responses
  1. banban Says:

    Cool stuff, thinking of you in my prayers xx

  2. Gail Says:

    I totally love your new business idea - and that you are so entreprenueral that you can teach AND have the business too!! Inspiring!!! AND when I come to CHCH hopefully next year I will host a nail party! A bloggers one!!

    Anyhoo... love this list - actually such a good idea blogging this way cause it takes the edge of thinking about what to write! I might steal it!!xxx