Running Diaries Week 2

This weekend I needed to run a long, slow 7km. Sorry bloggers but no running photos this week as I needed to just run, free my mind and quieten my spirit. I didn't even take music!

I ran: 7.5km

I saw:
  • The mist rising off the water.
  • A beautiful sunrise.
  • Several people walking. Everyone always says "Hello". I wonder if they'll let me take their picture?
  • My own breath.
I felt: Invincible because I ran the whole way!

This is why I run.

If you are like me and aren't lucky enough to have a proper coffee machine with the milk frother thingy etc, never fear! It is still possible to have a delicious hot chocolate, coffee or mocca at home and you'll save heaps of money too! Here's the way I do it.

3/4 cup milk

Microwave 3 mins

Whizz just below the surface and keep lifting upwards as the froth rises. Tilt the jug a little towards you to get the milk rolling. Now I am a trained barista and I think these whizzer things are just as good as the proper steam ones.

Hot chocolate - my fave at the moment is a mint/choc mix.

Scrape back the froth and pour a little hot milk in first. Mix powder and milk together.

As you pour the rest of the milk, scrape back the froth until 2/3 full.

Stop and swirl the rest of the milk around to mix together again, then pour.

Swizzle chocolate sauce or sprinkle a little more choc powder.

Then drop marshmallows on top. My fave are the white ones but have at least one pink for colour.

Oh and warning, if you are slow to drink your hot chocolate, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put it in the microwave, or this is what will happen!

Have a scrumptious Sunday night.
3 Responses
  1. Weza Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm YUMMMMMMY!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Loving the microwave explosion

  3. banban Says:

    and whatever you do please don't leave the mug in the microwave for visitors to find if they happen to be honeymooning at your house!

    looks yum..... I made one the other day after your photos.