Following Rainbows

Okay so when your 5 year olds are giggling and then one of the girls says "Mrs Luke, your hair looks funny", and when asked "why?", they reply, "because it's two different colours - the top is like my Nana's and the bottom is your normal colour", you know it's time for some action!After much trawling of several chemists, I finally found my favourite colour, which is not being sold anymore. I bought the last 3 on special. Goodness knows what I'll do come next year...maybe I'll embrace the grey goddess within!
So with apologies to my friend Jane (grey goddess extrordinaire), let the transformation begin!This is what I should look like in the end.The finished product. I'm trying to do the same pouty model pose just like on the box but somehow, I just look angry! The colour looks fab though.
Oh and I will share a sentence one of my lovelies wrote today about what he likes to do:

I like following rainbows and catching spiders.
CUTE! He's 5! It is why I teach.

Have a wonderfully colourful Friday everyone! (Find a rainbow to follow)

4 Responses
  1. banban Says:

    I love it.... and I love the cut too!

  2. Weza Says:

    Hey i dyed my hair today too. Not to cover any greys though, i am still blessed to have not found any of those yet. Love the following rainbows line. Kids are so clever.

  3. Rachel Kate Says:

    haha that's totally awesome! i bet it was kev who gave you those greys... tehe :) just kidding xo

  4. Gail Says:

    Hahahaha. Love the sultry zoolander look!
    Kids... they are too observant when they want to be!!! Perhaps you could put an SOS call out to us all to find your hair colour before it sells out nationwide!?

    I love that sentence.... oh so delightful. Those are the little joys I miss from the classroom....

    Not long to go now before I step back in. I might need your advise on what to put in a CV these days!!??