Relationship Refresher

This weekend we took a spontaneous trip north to Russell with some good friends to watch the Birdman Festival. (all self-explanatory I believe!)You get the idea! Btw, Flash Gordon won.
We wandered around, drinking hot chocolates, sampling yummy fudge, looking at narly trees and feeling like holiday makers .
Isn't it amazing how a bit of spontaneity and some good company can do wonders for your relationship - like a breath of fresh air!
6 Responses
  1. PaisleyJade Says:

    I so agree!! You guys are so cute - and those costumes are so funny!!!

  2. banban Says:

    It is really good to get away from the the old ho hum. Makes me want to get away and do something different too.

  3. faerian Says:

    LOVE IS... snogging on the beach and watching funny men dress up and jump in the cold water!

  4. Rachel Kate Says:

    haha love those pics :) very nice and yup a trip away and all the rest of that can do wonders!! love you both xo

  5. Weza Says:

    Cute hat! Love the day trip. Looks like heaps of fun. Ok so now.... What are those boys thinking with the goaties? Seriously!!!

  6. Tall Pipi Says:

    Weza - yeah I know! Well for Ryan it's the only piece of hair he has to play with. For Kev - I do not know. It hurts my skin - prob won't last long.