A Bit of Blah

In cruise mode here in sunny Christchurch.  Normally I would be away camping or such but Kevvy is doing a summer course and so we are here.  I could go away on my own but I miss him too much!  "Awwww" I hear you all say!  So instead I have been pottering at home and catching up with friends.  It has been so nice to not be tied to routine.

My good friend Rebecca and me cafeing it up.

Loved this cushion at the cafe - especially taken for Paisley Jade!

My pantry purge has gone well.  Check it out!


I loved the challenge of getting creative and adapting recipes to suit what I have on hand.  Tonight's meal is chicken drumsticks marinated in Coconut Evaporated Milk and Tikka Masala paste.  I might do a post on it if I can be bothered taking photos later.

I have a new haircut with a really thick fringe and I am having so much fun with it.  I was imagining a 'rock chick' style (think Chrissy Heines), cos I am secretly a bit of a rock chick on the inside.  But actually I have renamed my fringe style the vintage fringe because I have noticed several bloggers of vintage blogs with the same fringe.  Kev reckons I look like Zooey Deschanel.

 Can't see it myself but I'll accept his view on this one!

Anyway, check out my new style. 
The Rock Chick Look

I have been having fun trying new styles and I wanted to share this one.  I call it the 'birds nest'.  I felt quite pretty and summery with this style.  I love the variety of styles I can have.

I bought some Croc jandels on sale and I tell you, it's like walking on clouds!  But I have to admit, I'm a Crocs snob - never thought I'd ever own a pair - and wanted a bit more or a stylish look so I just added some bling over the labels and...ta dah!

 Lastly, I love doing a jigsaw in the holidays.  It's a great way to relax and can actually be quite social.  Most people can't resist sitting together to put a few pieces in.  I was hankering for a good jigsaw but hadn't found one I liked.  Amazingly someone was reading my mind and I got this Wasjig for a late Christmas present!

This is the scene and we have to make up the picture of what happens next.  Little Jimmy refuses to eat his brussel sprouts - don't know why, brussel sprouts are delicious!  He throws his veges around, and one sprout lands under a waitress' foot.  I call it the 'Nek Minnut' jigsaw.

Nek Minnut so far...This is what we have achieved with a few friends over a few glasses of wine and some good music.

 I must remember to show you the finished product.  I don't know why the female characters in Wasjigs always have to have big breasts.  It brings back a funny memory of a time when Weza and I flatted together and were working on a Wasjig which we eventually aborted because it was just so jolly rude, we couldn't carry on!  Especially with Weza's then 10 year old son floating around *suddenly feeling really old cos he turns 21 soon*!  Do you remember Weza?

Well after finishing this long post, I have some questions for you all:

What do you like to do to relax in the holidays?
Are you a Crocs snob, or Crocs lover?
What are you having for dinner tonight?
What is a hairstyle you would love to have that brings out the inner you?


5 Responses
  1. tea Says:

    This was really fun to read! Your new hairstyle is pretty! I like it all pinned up too!

    As for your questions..
    I don't know if I do anything much different from the usual to relax during the holidays...hmmm.

    I'm not a fan of crocs, but I've never seen their flipflops until reading your post. I think they look nice, and I like your little bit of bling!

    We had chili for dinner tonight.

    As for a hairstyle.. I would love to pull all of my hair back. I know it sounds simple, but I've had bangs forever due to my rather large forehead, and I would love to just be able to pull it all back and have that fresh, simple look.

  2. weza Says:

    I cant believe I ever aborted anything because it was too rude. You know me I love a bit of naughty. Haha. I have a wasjig sitting on my cupboard, perhaps I should give it a go.

    Now for the questions,

    I just saw a really cool idea for making long hair look short. Am going to give it a go. Perhaps I should post about it.

    Im a havianna fan. all the way!

    We are having pizza tonight. Cheap tuesday - I am having a ciabatta on which is the biggest loser pizza. Do you have it in NZ?

    Holidays? What holidays? I am always working doing things like swimming and movies. Its hard work I tell you!

    Great post my friend.

  3. Tall Pipi Says:

    Haha Weza the Wasjig in your cupboard is probably the rude one! Just don't let the girlies see it!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog :) Always nice to meet new people - specially other Burwood/ChCH people.... have enjoyed reading your blog too - I used to live in Whangarei.... worked in Mill Rd Vets and ran the cattery in Regent area.

    Where are you moving to next - still this side of the city?

  5. jacksta Says:

    Sorry but definitly a croc snob! I love how you covered the label with decal.
    And yes! for the wasjig. We set one up to the family (adults) to do last christmas at the bach. I could never do one by myself..but it was fun...doing a bit...and coming back later...doing a bit more.