A Poem For International Beareaved Mother's Day

Sweet Dreams
I made a little home for you
But you couldn’t stay.
So I prayed a little home for you
To keep you nice and safe.

I put your little pictures
In little silver frames.
Each night I whisper “Sweet Dreams”
Even through the pain.

I bought a little dragon
He sits quietly in your room.
I planted a little rose bush
Light peach are its blooms.

I made a little owl
He is sitting on a chair.
I’d imagined you and I would sit
Cuddling closely there.

These things I do remind me
Of the ones who could have been
The ones that nearly were
The babes no-one has seen.

But I knew you were there
I felt you every day
I miss you both so much
More than words can say

One day I hope to have a babe
To hold close to my heart.
But I will never forget
The ones there from the start.

So sweet sweet dreams
My darlings; babies one and two
Be assured although you’re gone
Your Mama still loves you.
10 Responses
  1. runnergirl Says:

    This is beautiful Tans xxx

  2. Widge Says:

    Beautiful. Much love to you lady (and that man of yours)
    lovely to run into you today :) XX

  3. Oh Tania...I can barely see to type through my tears. This is truly truly inspired and moving. Bless you lovely lady xx

  4. Sammy Says:

    Beautiful xxxx

  5. Katie Says:

    Such a beautiful poem x

  6. Leonie Says:

    such precious words, lots of love to you Tania, I told Weza meeting you was the highlight of going to ChCh.

  7. Maria Says:

    I keep coming back to this. Read it out loud to my husband now, at first he was, like, yeah okay, but then six lines in even he said it's getting teary, isn't. I nodded.

    I'm grateful for my boy and wish you a lovely mother's day. Because you already are.

  8. Beautiful poem. Precious lady. Your are in my thoughts today. <3