A Lil' Inspiration

Totally inspired by all the crafty ladies at the Around the Table conference, I decided to try my hand at crochet.  Don't you just love youtube?  I looked up a couple of lessons and made my first hat. 
Pretty cosy
Then I got a book out from the library because I couldn't work out how to make granny squares and found out I'd been doing it all wrong - fingers and all!  The hat still looked pretty good I think and it only took me a few hours (I've been a bit obsessed).

In my goodie bag from Around the Table, I got this cute little piece of fabric.  It screamed, "do something with me!".  But what to do?  I'm not a quilter (yet), I'm not a sewer (yet) and I lacked inspiration.  So off I went to The Make Cafe.  I relaxed, drank Peppermint Tea and reveled in the soulful music, soaking it all up.  

The Make Cafe
 Eventually, I came up with a plan and hand-stitched my first cute little owl. 
Sweet Dreams
Spurred on by success, and a tendency towards OCD, I bought a couple of remnant fabric pieces and tried my hand at something a little more challenging. 
Cat purely decoration
Guess which one suffers from insomnia
I'm pretty stoked with my creations thanks to a lil' inspiration. 

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6 Responses
  1. Weza Says:

    Woah im impressed thats quite a bit of crafting for one day. xxx

  2. Cat Says:

    This crochet craft is catching !! !! I LOVE it xxx
    Yeah for you !!
    Your owls are cute

  3. Sophie Slim Says:

    YAHOO!! Look at you being all createy this week! x

  4. Pepi B Says:

    Ohhhh I love the insomniac owl especially. Great crochet job even if you were a bit cack handed lol. Did it make it hard to relearn the correct way to crochet?
    By the way, have you heard of ravelry? It's amazing...prepare to lose a few hours! You have to join but they don't seem to spam and it's free. https://www.ravelry.com/account/login

  5. Tall Pipi Says:

    Thanks. I'll check it out. It was funny but once my friend showed me how to do the fingers properly, I couldn't do it until I had finished the hat and started something else. As soon as I started the next thing, all the fingers just fell into place!

  6. Leonie Says:

    Well done you - they are cute! you'll be a sewer, quilter and crocheter in no time! - Thanks for linking in too - great to have you along :)