Wellington Lovin'

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Sunday Wharf Markets
Amazing Colour
I absolutely LOVE Wellington and it's such a treat to be able to pop up for an adventure.

The mission: to meet up with a couple of the funniest and craziest ladies I had the pleasure of being friends with when living in Whangarei. Now all living apart, we got together in Wellington to do some of our favourite things.

♥Sunday wharf markets - so much fresh produce - a delight for all the senses.
♥Bordeaux Cafe - another delight for all the senses!
♥Porirua - art gallery.
♥Plimmerton - op shopping, cafes, & walks on the beach.
♥Petone - amazing ecclectic mix of boutique shops and a foodies heaven! I now have the most amazing smelling chipotle smoked chillies in my pantry. Can't wait to use them!
♥Te Papa - Nga Toi Section - TANTILISING for the eyes and mind.
♥Walks at Oriental Bay.
♥Martha's Pantry for a delightful tea party - such fun!
♥Giggles, in house jokes, and memory makers with two fantastic chics!

Tantilising sights at Bordeaux Cafe
So much choice!
My first go at crochet - at least it fits something!
How long do you think this blanket took to make?  At the Porirua Art Gallery.
Cool art idea - string art on the carpet.  At Te Papa Museum.
Tea toting at Martha's Pantry.
LOVE! Till we meet again Wellington...

Linking in with the lovely Meghan.
6 Responses
  1. Gail Says:

    YAY! So glad you went ENJOYED!! I haven't been to Wellington - it's on the hit list and you've inspired me further!!

    Going to do that string art!!

  2. Miriam Says:

    wow that looks like a TERRIFIC weekend! Love so much stuffed in and with good company too - sooooo good!

  3. Oh wow, you really had the best time doing all my fav things in Welly (and that crochet hat on the fruit is just brilliant!). Lovely, happy photos of the place I've loved living these past 15 years or so! xx

  4. Max Says:

    That looks like heaps of fun! The crochet cracked me up! Love welly, haven't been in an age. Cant beat a girls weekend x

  5. Oh I am so glad Wellington put on such a great time for you. Definitely YES to a coffee next time you're in town xx

  6. Cat Says:

    I am so excited about going back to Wellington in June for handmade!
    I love Wellington xx
    Your crochet photo made me smile
    Can't beat a successful girls weekend