Confessions of a Bunting Hater

*Please excuse my photo placement. They're doing something silly and I haven't worked out how to fix it yet!

So, on the weekend at the Around the Table Bloggers Conference, I declared very quietly to my friend Gail that I hated bunting. Within the space of one 'Johnny Special' filled night, everyone knew! And all I can say is Johnny should have done Pinas! Now, there are many, many reasons I hate bunting - none of which I will go into here, except to say that I just find it a bit twee. I mean, what's wrong with some balloons and a few streamers?

However, I may have to eat my words a little bit and disappoint my friend Gail and possibly Widge too (sorry girls). And it all came about today as I made preparations for three of our little darlings to be farewelled at a class picnic tomorrow. Thinking I would do something special, banners with their names didn't cut it in the wind, and a good reason for bunting was born unto me...

I love a good creative project, but hate anything fiddly or time consuming - I'm talking nothing more than an hour or two at most. I have been known to whip up a couple of skirts in one 2 hour sitting...I know! So, straight to you comes my evening project: The Lazy Crafter's Guide to Hassle-Free Bunting.

1. First you will need these things:
Scissors, twine, felt sheets, foam stick on letters.
I got the felt sheets from a $2 variety shop, and the foam letters from The Warehouse - great deal at the moment on Little Hands Craft Supplies - buy two, get a third free.

2. Cut into bunting shape and use the first one as a pattern to cut the others to uniform shape.

3. Arrange the letters on the bunting, contrasting colours to suit.

4. Glue twine on the backs with a hot glue gun, ensuring you space them apart the desired distances.

5. Realise you've glued them on back to front and proceed to snip off the twine on either side of each bunt (is that even a word?). Then tie lengths of twine in between each bunt, with the letters in the right order this time. Attach more twine on each end - enough to tie and stretch across whatever it is you're tying it to.

6. And there you have it! Pretty attractive if I do say so myself, and relatively quick (even with my dyslexic moment). I think I might even do it again sometime now I've worked it all out. Please, don't think I've gone totally crafty or anything, no need to panic! But I think you are looking at a semi-reformed bunting hater to say the least!

I'll post a pic tomorrow when they're up. Excites!
6 Responses
  1. Cat Says:

    *giggle* a fellow glue gun girl hey - you and Simone will get on just fine!

  2. Gail Says:

    Hahahahaha. You are too funny!!!
    Go Johnny!

  3. Ha ha - what a turnaround in just a few days...but if you're gonna turn from a hater to a lover, you might as well go the whole hog and rock the bunting - like you did!

  4. jacksta Says:

    haha! Never say never.
    I like how blogging makes us more open minded....Like one day I may try and probably fail at crocheting

  5. Sammy Says:

    You are so funny! And its totally ok to hate certain bits of crafting- I am very luke warm about anything patchwork!!!

  6. Widge Says:

    you have now lost all my respect...
    what's next? a big plate of rainbow cake?!