"So, what did you do?"

Going on a date with DH after a huge weekend hanging out with some of the most amazing, inspiring and creative women I have ever met, and he asks, "So what did you actually do?"

Hmmm...how to answer that? I think my new friend Sammy said it pretty well..."It was like a big blanket- warm, inviting and inclusive. I arrived emotionally empty and left emotionally full."

It's been such a tough few months for me and I really was unsure how I would cope in a big group, meeting new people etc etc. But there was totally nothing to worry about and, yes, I did come away filled to the brim.

So, what did we do? We learned, we loved, we laughed, we inspired, we hugged, we shared, we listened, we snapped a gazillion pics, we ate, we drank, we gave, we cried, we created, we connected.

I can't remember the last time I felt so loved upon. I can't quite believe that, although many of us had never met each other before, it felt like old friends meeting up again. I can't now imagine my life without these awesome ladies in it. I can't help but be inspired and moved by each woman I met, hearing their journey's, sharing experiences.

We came together for a shared experience of blogging and left with a huge appreciation of how blogging allows us to connect and be real with each other, and ourselves. Women's stories accepted for what they are, comments like "yeah, I know how you feel", and "I've been there" help a heart to heal, a vessel to fill, a realisation that we are not alone, no-one is 'normal', and a hope that there is a light, things do get better.

There are so so many ladies to thank and acknowledge and they know who they are, but for me it was also about the collective. That collective group that made it such a worthwhile weekend to give time to. Kudos to you all, ladies, and Auckland...BRING IT!
8 Responses
  1. PaisleyJade Says:

    So well put!!! Can't wait to catch up with you again Mega Van lady! ;)

  2. Max Says:

    Aha! The lady with the smile as wide as she is tall is a christchurchian! Excellent, i shall look forward to having a yack with ya at a local bloggy meet up sometime xxx

  3. Sammy Says:

    You are awesome Tania and I am glad we met x

  4. Simoney Says:

    Wow this gave me goosies Tania!
    SO lovely to meet you IRL.
    I totally get what you mean.

  5. jacksta Says:

    I'm so glad you had a great time! Thank youagain for being a great tour guide. There is nothing like first hand experience to help us understand what it really has been like for you guys. I need to come down and have a decent go at those macrons...one of each flavour!

  6. Cat Says:

    *hug* I do know how you feel
    I wish neither of us knew that pain
    I hope my story can give you hope xxx

  7. Miriam Says:

    It was lovely to meet you briefly. Sorry we didn't get to talk more. I so appreciate how generous you were with your time and transportation to others. Look forward to a proper catch up at the next bloggers get together

  8. It was so cool meeting you, you were the BEST giant-van driver, thanks for your warmth and friendliness! xx