Unconditional Love

I was hugely blessed today.  I am blessed every day but today, I spent time with my wee friend Lucy.  Lucy is one of 5 children in a family of whom I am very close to.  I boarded with these guys for 2 years, and remember the last 4 being born.  I have been an integral part of their lives, and they mine.  I am so blessed by this family in many ways.  The thing I am loving at the moment is that these kids truly love me.  When they come in to church and see me there, or when I visit them at home, they can't stop smiling at me.  I get unconditional hugs from the youngest 4 (the oldest is an 11 year old boy and now way too cool to hug an 'aunty').  It is so fulfilling for me to have this contact with children when I don't have any of my own.  I know when I do have children these guys will be the most wonderful, caring 'cuzzies'. 

Anyway, back to Lucy.  She adores me, and I her.  I love how she is so free with her affections, and yet is not a people pleaser.  Her parents have done a great job with her.  Today I stole her and we hung out.  Over the last 6 months, Lucy has been losing her hair.  (As have 285 other Christchurch girls and women - as opposed to something like 65 reported cases last year.  I think you can make the connection).  The hair loss has gotten to the 'sensitive' stage, so we decided to make some funky headbands together.  For Christmas last year I had given her a voucher to have some time with me and make a top, so we did that too.  I loved every minute of it.  Lucy is so laid back (even if her body is exhibiting the stress of the last year).  The sewing machine ended up not working properly so we had to put the tops on hold, but we made the headbands and then had banana splits.  I am so grateful to have Lucy in my life.

2 Responses
  1. kendylsPlace Says:

    What a beautiful girl, and a lovely Auntie!

  2. faerian Says:

    you are a gift in the life of so many Tania