Amazing Blessings

I am on stress leave this week.  The eventful year we have had finally got on top of me and I am worn out.  Exhausted. Done In.  I know one week can't fix things but it can give me space to get perspective.  I need perspective.  Being on one income means our money is pretty much all accounted for so I was going in to this week planning things that don't cost a lot to do but are still relaxing and pampering.  So imagine my surprise when sitting in a random hair cutting place waiting for a $20 trim, and this lady walks up to me and asks if I would be a model for their trainee beauticians!  3 hours of pampering and I am now sporting eye lash extensions worth $110!!! 

They are a little out-there but I do feel glamorous!  I wonder if Kev will notice?  I won't be offended if he doesn't (I'm not like that) but it will be fun to see how long it takes him.  Hehe. 

The other blessing for us at the end of last week was the gift of a holiday - anywhere we wanted to go, to the value of $1000!  Thanks Salvation Army!  we have chosen Hanmer Springs - luxury accomodation, petrol, food, pool entries and massages all paid for - bliss!!!  Just got to find the time to go but we can possibly go this weekend with me sporting my luscious lashes and all.    

So even in times of hardship, blessing is abundant.

Have a blessed Monday.

6 Responses
  1. PaisleyJade Says:

    Love your eyelashes!! You will have to let us know if Kev noticed.

    Do hope you have a relaxing week - and yay for your holiday. Really feeling for you with all you have been through - praying for God's strength. xoxo

  2. tea Says:

    So fun about the lashes and blessing of the getaway! I hope you're able to get some rest and find peace during your time off. ♥

  3. kendylsPlace Says:

    Those lashes are AMAZING! Im sorry you've had to take some time off, but hope this is a refreshing and super recharging time for you! Hanmer springs is awesome - we went there on our honeymoon! Take care of you!

  4. Lyn Says:

    i've only just read your post, hope you've had a lovely relaxing week...pampering like that must've helped as would've a free weekend at Hanmer Springs...fantastic. Sounds like just what you needed at just the right time. Take care of yourself :-)

  5. weza Says:

    How did I miss this? Love the lashes! So did he notice. AND FAR OUT $1000! What an incredible God we serve. Enjoy your time out my friend. xxx

  6. banban Says:

    oooh I love those lashes too. Hope you've been able to relax a little, not too long until the end of the year, hang in there. xx