Catch Up...and some of it is deep

I am enjoying a well deserved break while my supervisors mark my first draft. Secretly I hope they send it back to me and tell me it's perfect and nothing needs changing. Somehow, I don't think that has ever happened in the history of dissertations. In the meantime I am making every effort to fully enjoy the break - imagine, two weekends with NO STUDY!!! Unheard of.

I am also enjoying a week away from teaching in the classroom. I am on a course about Restorative Practice which is how my school deals with relationship building and behaviour management. I love it because it is a philosophy which equips me to deal with any behaviours and I feel safe. I used to be worried about how I would handle real adverse behaviours in my classroom but with RP, I know everything will be ok and I will handle it. In my teaching career, I have had scissors thrown out of anger, a child up a tree and then running away, and another child head-butting their teacher aide and I have handled it all. RP rocks!

Today we learned about shame and the ways in which we all experience shame and mis-manage it. The mis-management of shame results in adverse behaviours which we all exhibit from time to time. We can either be in fight or flight mode. I am definitely a fighter! How about you? I used to think that no-one should ever experience shame. Now I think everyone innately experiences shame but it's the way you deal with it that makes the difference. Just like the bible verse that I can't remember right now about shedding light on the darkness, the quicker we shed light on shame, the faster it can be repaired. I've got a bit to work on. But I'm doing okay.

Some of my kids drawings from the screen printing workshop got their pictures published on a blog - so proud. You can see them here. They are so smart! I am beginning to remember how much I enjoy Term 3 because it seems to be the term where you see all the hard work pay off.

Kev and I decided this morning that if we have a baby and it's a boy, we will call it Zephram Cochrane Luke. Kev is now pretty excited about having kids cos he gets to name them after Star Trek characters! Not sure this name will stick which is why I'm telling you now - it's pretty funny. I asked him if we could call a girl Seven of Nine because that is the only girl name I know from Star Trek. She is a bit of a sex bomb on Star Trek but Kevin said no because he could never name his baby after a Borg??? I'm not sure but the way he said it made me think it must be bad! I had to laugh.

We have a new flatmate and he can cook! So good to come home to lovely meals that are not made by me! Kev cooks but it's not his favourite thing to do.

Enjoy your week.
2 Responses
  1. tea Says:

    It's so great that you're having a break! And also really great that you're so well equipped for all of the crazy things that can happen in the classroom. So fun talking about baby names! :)

  2. weza Says:

    HAHAHA Kev cracks me up. I have NO IDEA about star wars stuff but that borg line is funny.
    Enjoy your break, I just tried to call you, wasnt sure if you would be home early due to non contact days. The PD sounds great is always good to challenge our thinking and our practice.
    Love u