To Dream

The word 'dream' in the dictionary has 3 meanings. I think the last two can kinda go together. Sometimes we can have ambitions and they can seem quite wild or fanciful.

At the beginning of this year, Kev and I developed our vision for 2010. For us, this required a little bit of dreaming. I can tell you, I was a little stumped! I thought I was a big dreamer but it is easy to let little things get in your way, such as time, money, other people, doubts, lack of confidence, abilities (or lack of), circumstance, etc, etc, etc. Kev also had a hard time putting into words what he held in his heart of hearts.

I realised that there are probably many other people out there like us, who have let the day to day living, that is oh so necessary, to cloud our dreams and sometimes erase them from existence. But you know what? We were all put on this earth to dream, and see our dreams get fulfilled. We were given brains to think, eyes to see, hearts to feel, hands to do and legs to move, all to help us with our dreams. Your dreams don't have to be huge, they can fit right in to the circumstances you are in now; they just have to make a difference.

Kev and I actually used these questions we found in a book by Darlene Zschech. (Can't remember the title but can get it if you want it). You might find these helpful too. We read them out loud and let them percolate for a couple of days before talking again.

What is your dream?

What is in your heart to do?
What are the secret petitions of your heart?
What do you wish you could be?
What could you do to bless someone else's world?
What are you good at?
What would you do if time and resources were unlimited to you?
What do you find easy?
What moves you?
What idea are you hesitant to speak out loud because it is so big and so daring?

So, I'm encouraging you, sit down, have a cuppa and dare to dream again. Next time I'll share with you our dreams for the year. I'd love to hear some of yours.

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