The Language of Love

I have more bones to add to this blog but because I wanted to get started straight away in the land of blogging, I have made a start, chosen a template etc. My first post will not have a lot to do with what the blog will be about but it is a start and it introduces the best things about my life.

I am truly blessed to be living in New Zealand, to be in a career that I absolutely love, to have a lovely home in paradise and have an ultimate husband who adores me and will do anything for me simply because he loves me.

Yesterday we were going out and I saw some birds on the lawn. I said, "cool look at all the birds we get round here. It would be cool to have a bird feeder or something." Later, I got home and Kevin took me outside to show me a post and pot plant base he had got from the hardware store. He explained that he intended on making me a bird feeder but didn't want to put it up without checking exactly where I wanted it. Well, I cried! Why? Because I had come home grumpy, stressed and grumbling, and because Kev's love language is certainly not acts of service! However, this act was so thoughtful and loving, I was overwhelmed by his love and respect for me!

Check my hunky, hard-working husband out!

2 Responses
  1. Weza Says:

    What a wonderful husband you have there Pipi. He is so thoughtful, hard working and kind. You are truly blessed. Why so grumpy? Welcome to blog land. Looking forward to reading much much more. xxx

  2. PaisleyJade Says:

    Awww - how cool is that! Can't wait to hear more about your life. Husbands are awesome aye!