I'm not religious but...

But I am having a God moment. This blog is all about encouraging others, as well as myself to follow dreams, make dreams, create circumstances, and yes, for me, God is in all of that. At the moment, God is my everything. Sometimes He is not when He should be, but right now, in the midst of circumstances I find myself in, He is my rock, my saviour and my guide. More than anything He is my advisor. Some might see these words as meaning 'crutch' but I see us as more of a partnership. I ask, He advises, I usually follow, but have to keep coming back for reassessment. God to me, is the one place I can go where He will always tell me the truth, always in a loving way, but without beating around the bush or trying to make it sound nicer than it is. Then, when I am armed with the truth, he equips me to fight, change, whatever it is I need to do to deal with the situation.

It's not just in 'situations' that He is there for me, He guides me in my everyday life, He makes me a better person. Sometimes I think "oh that's just common sense" but sometimes the 'common sense' is to act in the face of adversity, in a world where the 'idea' of God is not always welcome so who's 'common sense' is that? Well it certainly wouldn't come from my brain! So here's to my God, my Father, my Protector, my Everything.
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