Still Climbing

I have a big dream. I want to be principal of a school one day. It has been my dream since I hit the asphalt of my first ever teaching position. I don't take the journey or the position lightly and it does feel like climbing mountains sometimes. I'm a natural born leader but I'm finding it hard to break in to the elite world of management.

Recently I tried to hurdle the next rock for the 5th time. Each time it is stressful. It takes me out of real life for at least 2 weeks as I prepare. I put myself into it whole heartedly, I give it everything I have got. Harder this time because I have a small business to run and a marriage, as well as my teaching job. But I did it. I had my 4th interview and hoped this time it would be the one. But it was not to be and again, the feeling of failure was overwhelming. That immediate feeling is one that put me to bed early, to be alone and have a pity party, but it was better this time because I have a small business to concentrate on and an amazing husband who supported me and let me wallow for a bit. Thank you Honey.

The other turning point for me came just before the rejection phone call. I had a moment with God where He reminded me that whatever happened was okay because He had me. That if I didn't get it, there was something better awaiting me and I would be okay because at the end of the day, I am made in His image, I am a child of the divine maker. I bounced back better than before and can't wait to see what God has for me, knowing all the time that each knock-back I get is somehow shaping me.

Bring It On!
3 Responses
  1. PaisleyJade Says:

    What an awesome dream to have... and big dreams often take time (look at the life of Joseph, Moses etc). Hang in there!

  2. banban Says:

    Most of the great people of our history have taken major knock backs and turned them into something special. Keep at it girl!!!! I admire your strength and determination. It's nice to read another post from you too!!!!

  3. Gail Says:

    Great post Tania! Wow, I don't think the seed of "Principal" is planted in too many hearts... it's definitely for those who have ambition and heart - which it's clear that you have! And what's also cool here is that you have God-heart!! WOW. Awesome dream - and awesome journey... and yeah, you will have many of those "red lights" to sit out and wait at.... but when the green one comes, it will happen and you will be READY.

    GO YOU!! I'm excited for people in positions of authority to be there with God's authority too! Yay!!