Today I am tired...fatigued actually. I still have to keeeeeep goooiiinnnggg with rewriting my dissertation but I am lacking the mental energy. All I want to do is stare at the television. But I can't.


I have a fun lesson planned for tomorrow. Well, I think it's fun. Sometimes it's interesting when you actually teach a lesson you planned that you thought was fun and the kids think it totally bombs! Then there are those moments where you don't know what the heck you are going to teach and it's a magical moment. But I can't help it, I have to plan something because otherwise I wake up at 4am all stressy and thinking. So wish me luck!

Tomorrow we are also doing a screen printing lesson with some Museum Outreach people. I can't wait! I have always wanted to learn. I think it's the coolest way to jazz up an old outfit.

That cool painting in the background is by my friend Jane. She is an artist.

Hmmm eating today has been okay. I stuck to the food I had planned to eat. I didn't have ANY hot chocolates from our machine at work, even though I worked beside it all day today. I did cave at lunch and had one small cupcake. It was cupcake day for the SPCA at school and I had baked these amazing looking cupcakes. They sold well but there was still some left over and I had been saying "no" all day. Not too bad though - could have been MUCH worse, believe me!

I'm missing my friend Lisa. I really want to see her. I have had no time for a phone call with her at a time that is good for us both - she lives in Australia. She is my friend who knows me the most out of everyone, maybe even Kevin. She is here. Maybe on the weekend...

K, gotta go study. I think I'm ready now.

3 Responses
  1. weza Says:

    Im missing you too!!! I could pick up the phone now and completely ignore my children. Hey Rico is NEARLY crawling. Watch out world. Love you long time. PS You are an amazing teacher. Lose the teacher guilt. OK

  2. Lyn Says:

    hey just wanted to say I soooo 'get' the teacher guilt thing too, but honestly I think possibly it just means you're actually an awesome teacher who always gives 110% therefore there's always better stuff you wish you had the time to do?! And we all know there is never enough time or the right time to do all the creative stuff we wanna do. There just ISN'T. So you gotta start patting yourself on the back for what you ARE doing. (said from someone who is on maternity leave from the classroom and loving every minute because I no longer beat myself up for the same things...haha!!)

  3. Gail Says:

    Hey sweets, just having a catch up read and hoping that you are in a better space!!!
    Teaching is one of those jobs hey where you can give so much but it never seems enough. The truth is you are probably giving those kids more than you know you are and they are doing better than you could anticipate - but WE ALWAYS SET THE BAR HIGHER AND ARE NEVER SATISFIED and that, my friend, is what makes you an exceptional teacher. One that stands out from the rest. And your students, even though they don't show you, they know it... and they parents won't necessarily tell you, but they know it too!!!

    Relax and enjoy them this coming week. You'll see the fruits of your hard work when you look for them!!xx