Lessons Through Grace #1 - Letting Go

So I have had an epiphany lately. Time is too precious to be wasting it trying to have the perfect house. I used to use so much of my spare time running around wiping up crumbs, dusting, straightening, and tidying, only to have it messed up in a couple of hours.

I would pour over house and living mags and dream of the day I could have a living room/kitchen/bathroom/bedroom like these ones. Oooooh




But no matter how much I try, it never looks like the ones in the mags.

The problem: Human Beings live in my house!

I have realised I have a choice. I can spend all my time making my house look picture perfect; but when I die, do I really want people to remember me for my beautiful home and things? Or would I like them to remember me for my friendship, the time I put into relationships, the way I made people feel special and made a difference in people's lives?

So, here I am exposing myself to how my house looks most of the time. Please note: I have tidied a bit in the living and dining, but this is how it pretty much looks. And I am learning to be okay with this. Please don't get me wrong, I know Kev and I are incredibly lucky to be living in Christchurch in a relatively undamaged house. There are plenty of people without at the moment. This is just my personal inner journey I am sharing.

I love this spot but this is how it normally appears...

If everything looks lopsided in this photo, it's cos they are! Lol.

Crumbs, crumbs, crumbs...

Hubby's toys...well I guess I can't have everything my own way! He does live here too.

I do love my herb corner.

Yes were are still boiling and bottling water - it gets rid of the chlorine taste!

This is a perfectly normal sight...

Always washing to be done.


This is about as made as the bed gets...

This is actually super tidy. Usually there is a pile of discarded clothes on top of the hamper!

Outdoor patio.

Clothes, clothes everywhere!

And this incredible phenomenon - empty boxes and containers that 'appear' in the fridge!

Last week we had our first rental inspection and they score you out of 10. (Cheeky hey?)

10 was immaculate - white glove, pristine condition.
9 was clean and tidy - a pleasure to visit.
8 was clean and tidy.
7 was ...I can't remember the rest but you get the picture!

We got 8/10! Am I happy with this? No not really...but I will be. I guess I will just have to be the 'pleasure to visit' instead of my house!

6 Responses
  1. KendylsPlace Says:

    Your house looks nice TallPipi - and with a very normal and acceptable amount of lived-in-ness. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you put of your perfect him - we have the same taste! Sigh. If only they could be mine! (I especially love the red!)

  2. Sima J Says:

    Very nice house .. looks nicely lived in, but not too messy .. My kids make a mess all day long - I'm kind of resigned to it really, though sometimes I have to clean up just because it looks so dreadful (and p.s. your bed is nicely made compared to ours .. oops!) - and hey - at least your dishes are DONE! :-)

  3. PaisleyJade Says:

    I love your home! Symon and I often talk about how we have been to many different types of homes over the years and the ones that are like magazine houses often don't feel at all homely and you just can't relax - where as others that are a bit more messy we love way more! (not saying yours is messy - but I think it just looks fab).

  4. faerian Says:

    your house looks like somewhere i would want to be rather than somewhere i would like to look at <3 btw - ablessin was the word i had to type to verify my nonrobot status - how appropriate is that - you are a blessin Tania!

  5. Cassandra Says:

    MMM Just wait till there are kids and toys and dogs!!! ugh! welcome to my nightmare! lol. your house looks great! Can't wait to see you tonight

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Your house looks lovely. Cozy and relaxing.

    It makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who always has more dishes waiting to be done too! :)